La Fabrique Films is an Indian company based in Mumbai and in Paris created by an Indo-French team. We believe in having fun while working hard and meeting our challenges while enjoying the crazyness behind the scenes.

Déborah Benattar

Déborah Benattar left France at the age of 20 for Kiev in Ukraine where she promoted the French film and television industry on the behalf of the French Embassy for 4 years.
While she feared the cold, she loved her job and pursued her career as the Audiovisual Attachée for another couple of years in Prague in Czech Republic. An avid traveller, she discovered India over the years and one day fell in love with Mumbai. With luck on her side she came to India as the audiovisual Attachée for the French Consulate in the Maximum City in 2010. Since then, she races through SoBo and Andheri, when she is not Calcutta or Chennai, to meet the most intriguing lot of avant garde Indian cinema while promoting the French 7th art all over India. After her stint with the Consulate she has now associated with La Fabrique Films since 2013.

Clea Chakraverty

Clea Chakraverty is a French journalist of Indian origin. She left her cosy Parisian studio at the age of 23 to seek some adventures on the other side of the world: India. Organizing shoots, writing long format reportages and shooting stories for the French media and magazines has been her life for the past 7 years and Mumbai was once called home. When she is not running around in a jeep, a bus, a local train or just trying to catch a good story discussing life matters in « Bambaya Hindi » with her sabziwallah, you could find her cooking Persian food or enjoying her regular sip of wine, which is even more regular since she is now moving back and forth between Paris and Mumbai. Clea was awarded the prestigious Lagardère Prize 2013 for Journalism by the Fondation Lagardère for her documentary project on Sita and women in India, more to come about that!

Javed Wani

Javed Wani is a typical Bombayite whose dream since childhood was to become a cricketer and travel the world. Cricket didn’t work out but he did manage to travel all over India and Asia with a thirst for adventure and a passion for diving. From the shores of Bali to the coconut groves of Kerala, he can find almost anything or anyone. Line producing in India has been his passion since 2009; He enjoys working with foreign crews as it allows him to rediscover his own country with new eyes. Beware of his humour and loving smile, it’s contagious!

About Us

La Fabrique Films assist and manage film projects all over India. Our team has developed a strong experience working on Feature films, TV series, documentaries & commercials in the subcontinent. We provide line producing, fixing, logistics and production services as well as investigation and editorial research. With extensive knowledge and a good database of contacts in the Film & Television Industry in India, La Fabrique Films can be your one stop solution for custom made meetings with producers, directors, artists, etc. La Fabrique films specialises in offering location scouts, seamless location permission clearance, hiring the most experienced and talented crew according to the project and the size of the budget, providing high quality equipment at the best rates. We collaborate with experienced Cinematographers, Production designers, Focus pullers, Lighting Directors, Make-up and Hair Stylists, Costume designers, etc We analyse and break down the script, send you locations references and work out a budget and a schedule. We assist visa application process to get visas for the entire cast and Crew, and in clearing all shipments to India as well as the subsequent export out of the country. We also consult on India taxation laws and other legal requirements to offer Professional and transparent service of the highest standard.