La Fabrique Films line produced a Television film titled Crush in Jaipur (Coup de foudre a Jaipur), a light hearted romantic-road comedy produced by Big Band Story in association with the French TV network TF1. The film had its world premiere in Festival de la Fiction TV, La Rochelle.

The film stars popular French TV stars Rayane Bensetti, Lucie Lucas, Cécile Rebboah & Xavier Robic.

Director : Arnauld Mercadier
Production Company : Big Band StoryProduction (France)
Producer (France) : Benjamin Dupont- Jubien&Mehdi Sabbar
Production Services (India) :La Fabrique Films, Mumbai.
Executive Producer (India) : Déborah Benattar
Shooting Locations : Jaipur, Rajasthan& Delhi.