“The most beautiful journey from here below is the one we take towards each other”
Discover the 2021 brand film of the House KRUG Champagne.
Produced by WHITEDOG and directed by Aatish Basanta. The film was shot in 9/16, a format still unseen for a luxury house.
Shot in Jaipur in the Rajasthan region, the film features 11 starred chefs from all walks of life, ambassadors of Maison Krug, on an initiatory journey highlighting its flagship program: the “Single Ingredient” or individuality at heart of the know-how.
Take a trip to live a human adventure, a cultural sharing, beautiful encounters and the love of a country which has opened its arms to us.

Director : Atish Basanta
Production Company : Whitedog (France)
Client : Maison Krug
Production Services (India) : La Fabrique Films, Mumbai.
Shooting Locations : Jaipur, Rajasthan